Painting or rather art has been my life, as a child I always had pencil and paper then watercolours.

I was soon to get a commissioned a logo,, a poster and shop signage. This set me on the graphics path and in the forces was soon picked to do various artworks for the battalion.

My first real job was with a Large printing company and stayed for ten years, this was before computers so back to pencil, paper, paint and brush.

I remained a graphic designer and ran my own business.

Now retired I took up painting , Landscapes and places of interest near where I live in Somerset.

I work in acrylic paint and watercolour paint. I paint what I see but add or deviate from the Photograph that I have taken, perhaps adding figures or animals etc.

I am constantly trying to improve and do some experimenting in techniques, I belong to a local art club and meet and discuss art subjects.

Original work and prints can be seen at my home studio by appointment.