Hi! I am Geoff, I design and paint and offer my work on a number of selling sites. I am not the only one!

Getting found in the digital world is not easy. I spent a lot of my design life working from my studio in the design hub of the city of London UK and my clients called on me. I had personal relationships through direct contact. This is an attempt to reach out to anyone that may like what I offer in this new digital world and get to know you. The website site allows you to get straight to the shops that feature my work and separates into product catagories to help get to what you may be interested in.

I used to design and produce the literature packaging or promotional display material to sell my clients products or services. Now it is my own products, ie images, paintings, prints T shirts and more. Please visit my shops, I hope you like what you see.


I operated the design studio Geoffrey Hart Associates in Central London from 1967 until 1997.

My company specialised in creating corporate identity, and in designing and producing brochures, packaging and various other marketing material for several high-profile companies. I worked primarily for the tourism and education industries, and regular clients included British Airways Holidays, National Travel, Travelscene, Skiplan, Stallard International Holidays, Education Supply Association, The General Education Group, Evendine College, Shell Mex, The Church Missionary Society and Simoniz.

Groundbreaking projects included the illuminated window display for ‘The London Experience’, a multimedia exhibition in Piccadilly, and an illuminated window and reception foyer display for EMI Leisure’s head office in Tottenham Court Road, both during the 1970s.

In 2006 I relocated to the peaceful surroundings of Somerset where I continue to work on various design projects related to branding and promotion, my ideas informed by years of professional experience.

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