About me

I am a retired graphic designer living in Somerset, England. I spent much of my career working in Central London where customers were welcome to visit my studio. I’ve always maintained a friendly, personable relationship with my clients.

My hobbies include painting, design, local history, reading, the environment and following sports and current affairs.


My interest in painting and graphic design started at an early age and whilst still attending school I was asked to design the signage above my local grocery shop. This was followed by a commission to design and paint a logo and poster for a local estate agent. At nineteen I served in the British Army in Malaysia and enjoyed being the battalion magazine cartoonist.

My first long-term employment was working at the British Printing Corporation design studio. After this I taught a part-time Typography course whilst setting up my own design studio.

GHA-StudioGeoffrey Hart Associates‘ operated in Central London from 1967 to 1997. The studio specialised in designing and producing corporate identities, logos, brochures, packaging and marketing material for several high profile companies. At this time i was a member of the Society of Industrial Artists
and Designers

The London Experience & EMI LeisureI worked primarily for the tourism and education industries, and regular clients included British Airways Holidays, National Travel, Travelscene, Skiplan, Stallard International Holidays, Education Supply Association, The General Education Group, Evendine College, Shell Mex, The Church Missionary Society and Simoniz. Notable projects included the illuminated window display for The London Experience,
a ‘first of its kind’ multi-media exhibition in Piccadilly, and an illuminated window and reception foyer display for EMI Leisure’s head office in Tottenham Court Road.

In 1998 I moved the studio to my home in the Epping Forest area of Essex and working in collaboration with my sons branched out into digital media production under the name ‘Aspects Digital’. This combined my experience with desktop publishing with their skills in website design, video production and copy editing.

Since retiring from my profession in the 2000s I moved to Somerset and continue to be involved in various business and leisure projects related to art, design and promotion. I am a member of my local art club and try to regularly exhibit my paintings.

Brochure & packaging designs

A selection of brochures and packaging designed by
Geoffrey Hart Associciates‘.

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