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From an early age I always had a pencil and paper…

As a boy I was asked to design the signage above my local grocery shop and soon after i was commissioned by a local estate agent to design and paint a logo, poster and signage for their shop-front.  These early experiences encouraged my passion for art and design.

I continued sketching and painting my surroundings as a young man, and whilst serving abroad in the British Army I was asked to work as the battalion magazine cartoonist.

My first long-term employment was working at the British Printing Corporation design studio in London, where i worked for ten years learning about typography, graphic design and print media. This was before the design industry used computers and I worked with paper, pencils, stencils, rulers, paints and brushes.  After this I taught a typography course whilst working towards setting up a design studio.



Geoffrey Hart Associates‘ operated in Central London from 1967 to 1997. We specialised in designing and producing corporate identities, logos, brochures andpackaging for local, national and international companies. At this time i was a member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

The London Experience & EMI LeisureI worked primarily for the tourism and education industries, and regular clients included British Airways Holidays, National Travel, Travelscene, Ski-plan, Stallard International Holidays, Education Supply Association, The General Education Group, Evendine College, Shell Mex, The Church Missionary Society and Simoniz. Notable projects included the an illuminated window and reception foyer display for EMI Leisure’s head office in Tottenham Court Road and illuminated window display for The London Experience, a ‘first of its kind’ multi-media exhibition in Piccadilly. Customers were always welcome to visit the studio.

Towards my retirement years i moved the studio back to my home in Epping Forest, Essex, and worked in collaboration with my sons on various digital media design based projects and commissions, including video productions, early CD-ROM presentations and websites, combining the experience of my desktop publishing background with their modern technical skills.


I live in the beautiful county of Somerset, UK and  continue to paint landscapes and places of interest, am a member of a local art club and am interested in local projects related to painting, design and promotion. My other main hobbies are t-shirt print design, card making, reading, health, and staying in touch with environmental issues, sports, friends and family.